Coaching for Success


Change moves. It is often perceived as a major challenge even by more experienced managers. Factual issues may then get more attention than  emotional ones which tend to be more easily neglected. Drawing on the support of an experienced coach can be an important measure to readjust one´s role and self-understanding: Your personal standpoint, your success scheme, your own expectations and those of people around you in business and private are subject to reflection as are your individual but perhaps hidden resources. Under the coach´s professional process guidance those resources can be discovered for a strengthened and self-confident path forward in your life and career.

JPS Management Consulting is using a good mix of methods and reflecting techniques, individually applied in a very thorough, personal process depending on the issues discussed. In the coaching process, an improved communicative interaction of the coachee with his or her professional environment is a strong element.

Coaching as well as trainings are held in both languages English and German, other languages on request.


JPS Coaching at a glance:


  • Individual Coaching of people in leading positions
  • Business Coaching to identify personal baseline and future direction

Goals are individually defined by the coachee:

  • Self-reflection and clarification
  • Strengthen effect and efficiency in work or management environment
  • Strengthening or recovering personal, stability and finding decision options

Team coaching and change events for goal alignment and better collaboration