Achieve Sustainable Effects


Change can only be achieved with people, not against them. This leads automatically to the approach of involving people and fostering individual interest. JPS Trainings are based on interactive methods to meet the predefined learning targets, simply following the known saying: “What I heard I forgot, what I did I remember”. Designing trainings on this ratio provides the needed impact for the aspired change.

Each enterprise carries its own individual culture deriving from the collective biography. This requires a taylor-made approach for a training´s design, whether it is Negotiation Training, Project Management, Time Management, Controlling, Cost Analysis, Leadership or any other topic. Another important aspect is selecting the proper didactic approach, starting from the current qualification status towards the expected outcome.

All trainings offered by JPS Management Consulting are held by well-experienced trainers with long and intense practical background. We all know that a slide show might be useful for a presentation, but is certainly not the adequate means for a successful training. In order to be willing to learn, people want to be ‘touched’ in an emotional way and that is the way JPS has been conducting trainings for many years.