Right to the Point


As targets are typically well defined by management, often enough deploying the concept is the tedious part. Which options are there – which is the best and most effective way to make change happen within the organization - who are the key people to build it on, and who are stakeholders to support or to obstruct? These questions need to be considered and satisfactorily answered for best management results.

As your sparring partner in your change process, JPS Management Consulting helps to find the most successful way through that “change jungle” and toavoid the hidden traps by overlooking what needs to be done.

Success in change processes not only depends on a qualified concept, it also requires the organization´s people to buy-in. This is where JPS can make a special contribution by means of combining consulting with coaching and training and by designing an individual change process which suits the company´s nature and culture. Focused and professional communication, which meets the company’s targets as well as the employees´ needs is key.