Generalist on Broad Knowledge and Methodological Basis


Juegen P. Sommer founded JPS Management Consulting in 2006. Since then he has supported medium-sized companies and large corporations as management advisor, coach and trainer in complex change processes.

Previously, he held various management assignments in Germany and the U.S., being involved in integration projects, spin-offs, M&A, also as S.VP. for Materials Management in a globally changing enterprise. Furthermore, he has been in charge of Marketing and Sales for a B2B start-up and successfully managed the turn-around of a logistics company as Managing Director. In the meantime, Jürgen Sommer was involved in the restructuring of industrial companies for almost three years in a management position at an investment company.

J P Sommer holds an engineering degree (Dipl. Ing.) at Darmstadt Technical University, majoring in human factors science. He also completed a postgraduate Master’s program at Guildford University (U.K.)




„I like the challenge of high complexity in our work. To me, change of perspectives to simplify things is key to solving whatsoever problem. It is the interaction with people, leading them to success and being inspired by their diversity that I truly enjoy most in managing change processes.”

„Being outspoken and independent, things need to be said in a clear sincere way, since fresh views provide a valuable resource to the client on his way to success.”