Women in Leadership – a Special Challenge


Research shows and many companies have made the empiric experience that diverse management teams generally come to better decisions, have better communication habits and a more balanced style in interaction. Yet, in many organizational cultures, the paradigm is still set in a strong masculine dominated style. For women it can be difficult to succeed in such an alpha male environment. To them, in spite of their excellent skills and achievements, it is often a special challenge to successfully navigate in  such  male-dominated worlds and to be  acknowledged by peers, subordinates or superior management.

It is exactly here that JPS Management Consulting can contribute by providing male or female coaches who are experienced in these ‘worlds’. Clarification of role and self-understanding in the cultural and social context, identification of one´s individual strengths, this is where the coaching take their starting points. Gaining a consistent authentic style, reducing defers and adopted concordant behavior will help to apply personal strengths in a focused way, for your own benefit and not least for the benefit of your company!

Coaching for women at a glance:


  • Support for companies which wish to foster women in leading positions
  • Change of perspective: self-perception vs. external perception
  • Clarification of role and self-understanding as a female manager
  • Individual strength profile as base for good people skills and leadership
  • Male or female coaches as wished, all of them with an intense long-term personal history in management environment and as a coach